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Cacapon said:
Happy Holidays to everyone. Looking forward to many great rides in '10.
Cacapon, same your way and to all those viewing this thread. It was good to see you the other day. And thanks again for the heart warming offer to join you and the family for dinner. Almost wish I hadn't already had plans :) but my Holiday has gone well so far. Hope you can get out and ride more in 2010.... You need to check out and sign up to receive announcements via email through the Outdoor Physical Activity Magazine so you'll know when we are having rides or work parties since you are almost local. Have a great New Years !

JackFromNC and CCR, good to see you on here as well. Best wishes to you both and your families. Hope the new year brings you lots of riding opportunities.

Life is short ! Get out and ride !


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Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday May you all have a great new year with at least a few rides that don't include rain.
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