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On my SJ FSR 29er - I have a Reba dual air fork. It was just rebuilt about less than 100 miles ago and was more stiff then before the rebuild. SO i just went in to lower the air pressures a bit and out of the negative chamber comes some oil.

Now i can bottom out my fork by running over a 6 inch pot hole and pressing hard into the front fork -- where in the past it would not bottom so easily. I plan to ride later today but want to make sure this is not something major.

I added some more air and it has stiffened up a little but still is soft - honestly it feels squishy and good and might ride good but i dont want too much of a bad thing. I think i always run it too firm anyway. But too much squish is going to lead to brake dive anyway.

So is this a big deal? Yes i can take it back to the shop but then they will probably hold onto it for a week to get the job done.....

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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