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I bought a factory direct Fox RP3 from Push to replace my swinger 4 way. Feels great but thought there was a lot of oil coming out after a ride. Lots of build up down the shaft via the finger. Figured it was just the break in period and it has slowed down but always seems like there is oil after a ride (I wipe it down after I ride).
How much oil is to much oil leaking out? Is there a break in period/how long should it be?
There doesn't seem to be any performace issue, I just thought I'd ask.
I figure I'll call Push if it continues to worry me but I'd rather ask here before bugging them if its no biggie

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You should see some oil residue on the shaft after a ride. If you stop seeing it then you should do the home maintenance of the air chamber as described in the Fox manual.

Of course you may be seeing too much. There's no way I can tell.
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