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Oh Where (oh where) can I find a 2008 S.I.R. 9 in Hot Tamale (Medium)

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So, after getting myself all excited that a SIR 9 frame (2008 hot tamale - medium) will be at my door just in time for Christmas I have the following dialogue with a major e-tailer yesterday

Q: I'm calling to check on the status of my frame order

A: We called Niner and they are not planning on producing SIR 9 frames in Hot Tamale in 2009.

Q: Your website indicated you had medium SIR 9 frames in hot tamale when I placed my order, and I wasn't even thinking 2009 when I placed my order so....what happened?

A: Our web site is not the most customer friendly. We are going to re-design it in 2009.

So, here I am stuck, and a little more than frustrated. I'm going to give the e-tailer the chance to make right by locating a frame, or I'll come back and update this post with their actual info.

In the meantime - any thoughts as to where one might locate a 2008 Niner SIR 9 frame 0- medium hot tamale?

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Good luck.

All of the large hot tomale SIR9's were gone mid-last summer. It wouldn't surprise me if all the mediums were long gone too. I had to settle for Tang.

I've gotten used to it. Get what you can get, the bike is so sweet you'll get over the color.

However, now we're on the subject, c'mon Niner and root beer?
Thats a Bummer

I bought a tamale red One 9 at the end of last summer. It is a great bike ( and my favorite Niner color) but I was planning on selling the frame this spring and getting a red SIR9 to replace it. I took it for granted that the red would always be available. Oh well, the bike is gonna ride great no matter what color it is.
Yeah seriously, Gold and Rootbeer??? those two colors definitely don't scream "*****in' paintjob". Even the naked Raw is oodles more exciting!
What's wrong with gold and root beer?! I kind of like them.
I've had a tang SIR9, a Kermit SIR9 and can't wait to get my 2009 root beer SIR9 in February!
Here is my 08" medium. Built last March

Has a few scratches on the chain stay and one little scratch between the rear brake mount. I have been toying with the idea of selling it.........Send me a pm if interested

If this needs to go in the classifieds. I'm sorry

I also installed a new carver BB.


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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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