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Is my rear tire flat?
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Looks like I should get my ride in early tommorow.

"SEATTLE -- A dangerous winter storm is heading toward Western Washington this weekend, bringing the potential for widespread heavy snows, damaging winds, and a significant number of power outages to a region still recovering from two winter storms earlier in the week.
Hurricane-force winds are possible for communities that nestle up against the Cascades in the eastern foothills of Snohomish, King and Pierce Counties, while farther west, several inches of snow are possible in the greater Seattle-Tacoma-Everett Metro area, and over toward the Olympic Mountains, they could be measuring new snowfall in feet.

The situation could be particularly dire along the far north coast, where you will get a combination of heavy snow and very strong winds. A rare BLIZZARD WARNING is in effect there.

Quick Overview

The foothills could see east winds of 50-70 mph, gusting to 70-90 mph Saturday morning through Sunday. A HIGH WIND WARNING is in effect here. Widespread and potentially prolonged power outages are a concern in this region, combined with below-freezing temperatures and dangerous wind chills.
The Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue Metro area could see 3-8" of snow Saturday evening into Sunday. Gusty winds in the eastern parts of this region could get to 50-60 mph.
The Hood Canal area could see 8-24" of snow
Southwest Interior might get 6-12" of snow as well as a coating of ice from freezing rain
Everett north to border could get about 4-6", but has higher uncertainty
Some areas, especially south, could also get freezing rain and icing problems
Blizzard warnings are in effect for the far north coast and Cascades where heavy snow will combine with strong winds for whiteout conditions.
Blizzard warnings in effect for all Cascade passes -- could see 1-2 feet of snow combined with 75 mph wind gusts and wind chills ranging from 0 to -25.
Storm calms down Sunday evening
What's Happening?

Unlike the past few storms that have come from the chilly north, this storm is coming in from the west, and it looks pretty wet -- and much warmer than we've seen lately. So we have a much greater moisture source.

In the meantime, we'll not only have some arctic air here in Western Washington, but even more in Eastern Washington, where temperatures have been in the single digits and teens for several days. That air is very dense, and thus has higher pressure. "

dang! This should be interesting.:eekster:

Pic, from after Sundays storm. We usually get mild snow storms every few years or so here in Seattle.

See Ya!



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