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azepicriderandrunner said:
We ride. We post. Put all your pictures up here this weekend. Ride some new trails, meet some new mtbers, push your limit, or just go for a simple ride with the family..... we wanna see pictures.
Nice, Chad...GREAT idea...will do! :thumbsup:

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You might find these in Prescott.


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Here's a pic of my man AttilaTheRed climbing Gateway Loop. We started the long Thanksgiving weekend by leaving work early yesterday and going for a ride. :thumbsup:


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gage said:
i so wish my new bike would be done.. but i suppose i will participate in this thread on my ht :) //g
you wouldnt have happened to have been walking your dog on T100 on Sunday and ran into a couple riders up on the ridge next to T-Bird would you?

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A few more from today's ride with Krein. We rode a Tucson Mountain Park from each of our houses, met up at CDO/Gates Pass.The loop uses the major trails in Tucson Mountain Park, ~65-mile loop done from my house (Scott had a few more miles since he is in mid-town).

Gasline to Sweetwater to Starr Pass to Robles (shown here)

up and over Golden Gate

and then to Sweet Trails and over Brown Mountain

Pictures Courtesy of Scott

After Brown Mountain, I began to bonk. My legs felt like Jello. Excited to see the Coke machine at Saguaro National Park visitor center, I was only let down by the fact that the $1 sucker machine was broken. Epic failure. After about 15 attempts, I finally got it to work.

One of the few road sections in all the loop is in Saguaro National Park

Before riding back on the gasline (Scott had to return to Sweetwater to ride since we met at CDO Trailhead)

Post-loop food: Nico's Breakfast Burrito

The loop info:
64.5 miles
6861 feet of climbing
about 75% singletrack/dirt road


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...for the trails in Fountain Hills. Scott and I headed up the new Sonoran Trail off of Dixie Mine, into the FH Preserve this morning. Also did an 'Add-a-Chunk' option on the Overlook Trail.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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Did Pass Mtn today as well as the Lower Usery loops with some friends who are just getting started with MTB.

Uggie the Mtn Bike Monkey!

Uggie at the trailhead

Backside of PM, today was CCW.


New riders, father and son, D and Jay

D and Jay

Jay with Scotty close behind...

Jay and Scotty

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