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It's official, or so I've named it.

I've done some research. I want to buy a Rig for this spring but lifting it at the shop, and listening to people on the forum it's a tanker. I wanted to find out what's heavy, and what's the best bang for the buck for weight reduction. All of the weights are either actual, or from the QBP catalog verified against actuals from weightweenies.

Following are the weights of each component on a stock Rig.

Frame Rig w/eccentric - 1804
Fork Reba Sl - 1737
Front Brake Avid BB7 w/adapter - 340
Rear Brake Avid BB7 w/adapter - 340
Bottom Bracke Truvativ ISIS Gigapipe - 256
Crankset Bontrager Race Lite SS 32T - 640
Tire Front Bontrager Jones ACX 29x2.2 - 570
Tire Rear Bontrager Jones ACX 29x2.2 - 570
Wheel front Bontrager Race 29er - 1362
Wheel rear Bontrager Race 29er SS - 1530
Tube front Salsa 29 x 1.9-2.3 PV MTN. 34mm - 176
Tube rear Salsa 29 x 1.9-2.3 PV MTN. 34mm -176
Chain KMC Z51 - 399
Stem Bontrager Select OS - 190
Handlebars Bontrager Select OS - 287
Brake Levers Avid FR5 - 155
Seatpost Bontrager Select 27.2 x 400mm - 280
Seat Bontrager Select - 310
Headset Cane Creek S1 - 190
Pedals Shimano M505 - 415
Grips Bontrager dual density - 80


DT 240SS wheelset - 1692
Bontrager XXX Switchblade - 950

Rig with DT wheels & rigid - 21.63
Rig with DT wheels & squishy - 23.36

My thoughts are that the wheels and fork (if you desire rigid) are very worthwile upgrades and will drop a couple pounds in the process. The complete bike weighed 26.02lb so my numbers turn out to be very accurate. The Rig frame isn't extremely heavy as I originally thought. Small bits of weight are just scattered about.

I'm interested to see what other people have done either to lighten or just for an upgrade/change. Please post only factual weights, no guesses. Guesses won't help anyone.

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An XL? That light? Just 100g more than my 2005 XL Paragon! And that's even disc-only!
And how could someone else get 2000g? Some grams lost in lb/kg conversion?

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Just built.......

A spankin' new 15.5" Rig that landed at the shop yesterday.
Stone stock it weighed 25.5lbs.
- Pretty impressive.

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Just weighed my 05 Rig at 26

Large size with the following changes:
Pedals ->EB lost like 120g
Water bottle cage
Notos back - tubeless (it is probably break even with half a tube and added fluid)
Exi front - almost a pound heavier than the stock ACX with the added slime (it is tubbed)
CC Ergo bars - gained 1/2 lb
Thudbuster - gained 1/2 lb

I really like the last three items on the list so it is hard to justify an upgrade of other parts
for the sake of loosing weight as long as I keep these "heavy" bits. Perhap I'll upgrade the wheels but mostly because I don't like the Bonty hubs.

At the time I weighed it I also had a small rear light on it and some mud so my guess is that
25.5 lbs is more like the weight of my "summer" Rig.

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juice0276 said:
American Classic makes a nice set of 29 er SS wheels, weighing in at 1525 grams!
Not for me. I'm steering clear of those things after the mishaps they've had with their freehub.

The guy at the AC booth showed me the insides and how it worked at Interbike. There is just way to much going on inside. I think it's more of a "me too" design. They had to find a way make a freehub without copying and overcomplicated it.

I really like DT's freehub design. It's so simple. I've ridden a rear for about 5-6 years now and never one problem. Except for when I put too much grease in it and I had a freewheel both ways.

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It was over 2000g as I recall. And if my XL Paragon is 1703, without the canti studs, same tubing, smaller BB shell and no EBB unit, I really wonder what is different on your XL Rig to be 1800g. Did you weigh yourself, or read it somewhere?

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Stock parts vs. Upgrades

I have not weighed the entire bike but weighed the parts before I built it. Basically I striped it down and sold most of the stock parts before my first ride. What surprised me was the following:

Heavier parts:

Cranks: :eek: Replaced with 180mm XT's
Brakes: Replaced with 180mm Hope Mini's
Pedals: Replaced with Time ATAC's
Wheels: Replaced with Hadley hubs with Stan's rims

Surprisingly light parts:

Reba: changed it to 100mm and love it!
Stem: About the same weight as a Thomson
Tires: Not the greatest IMO but light.

I also installed a Thudbuster that added some weight. The bulging disk in my lower back loves it and without it I could not ride a HT. :D

I will weigh my Rig in the next few days and report back.

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bigdrunk said:
My XL frame weighed in at 4.3lbs on my Alpine Sport Digi scale. On another note, when I weighed my wheels they came in at a palrty 2350g, not the close to 3000g as listed above.
Maybe they weighed the wheels with the rotors, rotor bolts and skewers attached. Bonti SS wheels are heavy but not 3000g heavy. Also the Avid mechs at 340g seem too light and I assume that each weight provided is just the calipers. Cables, rotors, and levers all should be part of the weight of a brake unit if it is to be compared.
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