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Mountain Bike Ontario was founded as a grassroots volunteer organization working to unite, support and celebrate Ontario's passionate mountain bike community, and find innovative ways of working together towards common goals. This sparked the idea of the Mountain Bike Ontario Festival.

The Mountain Bike Ontario Festival has been developed in partnership with the International Mountain Bicycling Association (Canada) and Sacred Rides. This inaugural festival will be entitled "Trailblazing" to capture the energy of this innovative new initiative.
"Trailblazing" will create a platform to act as a catalyst for collaboration and the growth of all forms of mountain bikers across the province to gather and build community and a forum to communicate the need for Ontario mountain bikers and various community stakeholders to work together to promote and grow the sport to people of all ages.

"Trail Blazing" is also a fun filled event aimed at bringing together active families and cycling enthusiasts from across Ontario. Guests will have the opportunity to participate in several activities and competitions.

Mark off Saturday July 16th, 2011, to be held at Kelso Conservation. The venue offers chair lift service with access to a diverse trail system, a family beach and over night camping.

Quick Points of Interest
The Festival will host a meeting of IMBA Canada's Ontario Regional Leadership Advisory Council (RLAC)
Chair Lift Access - to a diverse network of Cross Country and Downhill Trails
"Crank it Up" - main stage, performances, DJ etc.
"The Hub" - Product and Bicycle Demo's
Sacred Rides "MTB U" instructional programs
"Training Wheels" GORBA organized beginner and kids rides and clinics
Joy Ride 150 "Skillz Park" area
Various Vendors, Bike Shops
Over Night Camping
Star Lit bike movie night
Different skill competitions

Current supporters are - GORBA, TORBA, DMBA, Short Hills, Toronto Bicycling Network, WCC, Sacred Rides, Defiant MTB, IMBA, CTS Bike Club and growing....

Please check back for more info, things are ramping up daily, there is allot of interest in this new initiative. Website info is, still under construction but stayed tuned will be live soon. Also on face book - Mountain Bike Ontario Festival.

Please post up any ideas, or if your interested in sponsoring, volunteering or would like more info. Together, we can make this a truly rewarding experience.

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After a few set backs its finally going to happen! Can't wait!!!

Trying to make this a family oriented event so no excuses for not coming out to support (except maybe your own wedding ;) Many of us will be camping over night so make a weekend of it.

We are planning some great group rides on the local trails at Hilton Falls as well for those seeking a technical challenge.

Please post up your ideas and make sure you join the FB page for updates.

See you there!

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That bag jump looks intimidating, but would probably be a lot of fun! :D

Last time I was swimming at kelso though there was a large shallow sandy area... not sure it's possible to have a lake jump? At least you won't drown in the bag :D
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