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As many of you know, I'm a biker user group representative on the JeffCo Trail Use Task Force. I work with Open Space staff and the Open Space Advisory Committee to coordinate user group input and resolve issues on the user level. We make recommendations directly to both staff and OSAC.

We now have another chance to arrive on a better plan for North Table Mountain. Many of you have seen last year's Open Space PMP offering including alternating bike bans from half of the park on odd and even numbered days of the week. This plan was and is not in the best interest of all the park users, especially our mountain bike user group. Accordingly, I lobbied for reopening the public comment period on the North Table PMP (Park Management Plan), and got it, plus an extension until or after November 30th. Also is an agreement to utilize the Task Force PMP recommendations including public input, through the Open Space Advisory Committee (OSAC), rather than make a decision solely at the Open Space staff level. I asked the Open Space director for the statement attached below.

Contact myself, or any of your other Task Force biker reps for additional information. The Task Force is working hard to resolve issues between park user groups to arrive at a new unified PMP agreement on this park. Most significant here, is the acknowledgement in the last paragraph confirming process. Public input will be delivered through the Task Force directly to the OSAC committee and Open Space, and the new PMP approval will not be an exclusive internal Open Space decision.

Yes, if you reference previous Open Space decisions such as Reynolds Park, this is an effective policy change. Open Space staff, specifically the director, is agreeing that they require public input into the park planning decision-making process. This positive development was the result of a lot of hard work and clear communication. Thanks to everyone that contributed input. We did it!

Dave Cohen
JeffCo Trail Use Task Force Biker Representative


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