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My last races and a couple trophies were done on this amazing beast of a frame; 1993 Yeti ProFRO which has spent years resting on a wall in my garage.

After working with Carl Strong on a hardtail and seeing some of Spectrum's work on his site, I took it off the wall and let Spectum do their best. I fully expected them to say the frame was beyond hope and send it back but here is the result:

I set it up to crooze, the hard part finding a NON-suspension corrected fork (found an Accutrack with a too short steerer tube :cryin: ) but got a sweet one from Vicious which matches in color and fit!

Mary bars and Pauls thumbies round it out; now I am hunting for more blue anodized bits to make it go even farther back in time...Ringle stem anyone? :eek:

Many thanks to Spectrum Powderworks and also YETI, another testment to their amazing durability! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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