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The last time I was on Springbrook the wind was blowing about a million miles an hour...but fun! Today, around 4pm, it was cool, not cold, no wind and great light. The sun was able to slowly set not behind a bank o' clouds so the play of light and shadows was great stuff. I was going to hike around the lower, eastern parts of Springbrook but never made it. Maybe the title of this thread should be "Of heading towards Springbrook..."

I saw only two bikers and both rode on past the muddy area I showed you last time. Now there's a dry enough path to the left and dry sailing past it. At least for awhile, I didn't get that far enough past to encounter more mud but who knows.

I was playing a Buddy Holly CD on the way back, here's a couple. One I know you haven't heard, maybe both. The first was back before it even called rock 'n roll, maybe rockabilly at the time. Then a Beatles cover of a 1956 BH tune. Then Weezer. I was gonna give you their version of "Buddy Holly" but here's "Hash Pipe" instead.

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