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Can anyone tell me what is a good odometer to get? I think I'm just going to go ahead and have the bike shop put it on for one question is if i need to, is it something that I can just unplug and put back on my handlebars? Is it removable without removing the cables and magnet is what I'm sayin?
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Get a wireless one. Lot less fuss and you should be able to put it on yourself.
I am riding a Garmin Edge 500. Cost a bit of money but does alot more than just odo. Also completely wireless and uses satellites to track you. Best frickn little toy I have bought in quite some time!
Got rid of my cheapo Sigma units and went with the Garmin 500 a few months ago. I think it was worth the $250 I spent on it. I got tired of looking down at my Sigma and realizing it wasn't working any more.
+1 for Garmin BUT it sounds like it might be overkill for jrymasz??? In that case go with a wireless unit. It only takes 5 min to hookup and if you know how to turn a screwdriver you should be fine installing it yourself!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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