Riverside, CA - ODI Grips has enlisted the help of our good friends over at Troy Lee Designs to help put an artistic spin on a quality new design. After hundreds of drawing and designs, we've developed the most innovative grip yet, the ODI / Troy Lee Designs Lock-On Mountain Bike Grip.

Basic CMYK

In order to create a slim feel with a lot of surface traction, ODI and TLD developed an undercut pad pattern. The undercuts allow the pads to collapse when twisting forward providing a smooth slim surface. When pulling back on the grips, the pads lift to provide more traction and reduce the amount of strength needed to hold on to the bars.

Another unique design element is the custom flange design which is set on an angle to better match the position of your hand on the grip while riding and provide more usable space on the grip. The opposite end of the grip has also been customized by adding soft material to cover the transition between the grip and the outside lock-jaw clamp for improved comfort.

Each set includes a laser-etched Troy Lee Designs logo on the outside clamps and laser-etched reference marks on the inside clamps allow you to easily clock them to your preferred positioning of the grip each time you install them.

This is not the first time that ODI and Troy Lee Designs have worked together.

"I've been friends with Dave [ODI President] for a number of years. His company actually molded my first helmet visors. We sponsor a lot of the same athletes like Brian Lopes and JD Swanguen and they've been a great supporter of our motocross team. I'm really excited to be working with ODI again and developing these grips. I've been running them on my mountain bike and I really love them." -Troy Lee

The ODI / Troy Lee Designs Lock-On Mountain Bike Grips will be available in stores starting in mid-April. MSRP $28.95. For more information visit www.odigrips.com.

source: Kevin Stevens
ODI Grips