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I posted this in the NorCal forum, but I'd think the Santa Cruz fans will like this as well. It's been a while since I felt so inspired, but my new race bike got me to write another poem:

Ode to the Blur XC

I train as hard as I can and try to be lean
The Santa Cruz Superlight was my racing machine
The riding was fast, ascending a joy
But then my son, Menso, moved on to the Tallboy
And he convinced me that I would really like
To buy the frame of his Carbon race bike
One and a half pound lighter than the Superlight
Can you imagine the awesome power and might?
The bike was assembled at Evolution Bikeshop
Close to my house, I’d say their work is top
I took the new wheels for a spin at Skeggs
Was it the bike or was it all in the legs?
Climbing Resolution was fun and fast
There was no need to stop or take any rest
Descending Manzanita was no longer a chore
I set a PR by nine minutes or more
I’m looking forward to my next mountain bike race
And pity the poor competitors I’ll face
After my victory, I can only be hoping
That the officials will ask me about illegal doping
I’ll answer: that’s an insult, oh what a slur
The reason for my success is the Carbon Blur.
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