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I had some spare time today to ride and rhyme.

Ode to Skeggs by J.L. de Jong

Every morning the birds start chirping loud
As if interrupting my sleep makes them proud.
I used to get up and close the window
Or try to find silence under the pillow.
I’d rather sleep more than being locked in a cubicle
But today I got up eager to ride my bicycle.
My wife said: “it’s too early, come back to bed”
But visions of Corte de Madera danced in my head.
I packed up the car with bike, shoes and gloves.
Is it Jeanie or mountain biking he truly loves?
I drove up highway 280 and onto Skyline
And parked in the shade, the lot was all mine.
I started to ride down Tafoni and upper Fir
The rocks, roots and trees were merely a blur.
I rolled over the gnarliest sections of Resolution
Glad the bike was tuned well by shop Evolution.
The twist and turns of North Leaf were sweet
The short steep climbs just turned up the heat.
Methusalah trail dips through a nice little stream
I carried my bike to keep the water sparkling clean.
I reached the newly re-opened Giant Salamander
Through the heart of Skeggs my bike and I meander.
Time for a break to eat a banana and Cliff bar
I was planning to ride pretty long and quite far.
Nothing but happiness, not a shred of sorrow
Looking for work can wait till tomorrow.
Down further I go across Lawrence Creek
Deep in the forest is the solitude I seek.
No boredom or stress, no bosses or meetings,
Just a few hikers and their friendly greetings.
Some mud puddles remain from last winter’s storm
Keeping Skeggs cool, while Coe is too warm.
My favorite trail: I float down Blue Blossom
Round a corner I come and almost flatten a possum.
Climbing Steam Donkey today is out of the question
There’s not enough left in this old engine.
Ascending Cross-over and going up Mansanita
I look for the mountain lion or really odd cheetah.
One rock was too big, making me stall
It’s hard to unclip. Uh oh, I fall!
Before I know it I lay flat in the dirt
But only my elbow and ego are hurt.
I finish up with Sierra Morena’s flowing turns
A big smile on my face is what it earns.
When I get home I tell my lovely wife:
“Biking in Skeggs, now that’s the good life”
She answers sincerely: “That’s great for you, honey.
I’m glad you love Skeggs, but what about money?”

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nice poem. I haven't read a good one since high school. I love skeggs too. i rode up there last sunday with the same feels when i was done.

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You know a trail is good when it drives a man to poetry.

Here's an accompanying photo taken yesterday too.



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Ok, now show us where.....

francois said:
You know a trail is good when it drives a man to poetry.

Here's an accompanying photo taken yesterday too.

....the cheater line is down that rock garden:confused:
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