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I took a ride on my beautiful hard tail (Team Yo Eddy!) that has gathered dust since getting a dual suspension bike with 5 inches of travel front and back. The ride was to decide if I wanted to accept an offer for it.

I rode over a neighborhood course with some rocks and high curbs and planters and was very surprised to find I did wheelie drops much better even though the SID fork was out of it's league. The 5 inch dualie bike has solved all sorts of pain and comfort issues, and has me riding tough and steep trails I've never thought possible for a middle aged guy, but this neighborhood play thing really seemed better on the hard tail. Is it a case of needing more rear shock pressure, or are bikes like the burley hard tails really the right thing for having fun going nowhere?

I also noticed how much easier I can track stand on my racer type hard tail. I attribute much of that to the steeper angles and short fork, but also wonder if a hard tail is better for that?

It's kind of sick. Now I'm intrigued my the moderately priced burley hard tails instead of upgrading my single speed I use mostly for winter and bad weather or getting my wife into a new dual suspension bike.

Some would say I'm too old for all of this anyway and that I do not believe. I know there are people in their late 50s doing tough riding so I estimate I have at least a decade left to wear the body out and hopefully not break the neck...

Comments from dualie and hard tail tricksters appreciated.
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