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1. For a casual biker like me, even an “easy” trail can be challenging.
2. Wet tree roots are even worse than wet rocks!
3. Mud is fun.

I spent about 5 hours in LCP Saturday, hitting both paved roads and off-road trails. I rode The Loop clockwise, then went down into the canyon and followed the lower trail from the Small Cascade all the way out to where the trail was running parallel to Jefferson Road along Davis Creek, then back to the Cascades before climbing back out of the canyon. I didn’t push myself; if there was a steep incline or descent, in places where the upper trail was slick, or even if I was just tired, I walked the bike. I’m not keen on the thought of tumbling down the canyon wall on a bike.

I hiked those trails many times as a kid, long before the canyon was incorporated into the park, but this was the first time I’ve taken a bike in there. The trails were pretty slick in spots, but that is not unusual for LCP; the trails (especially down in the canyon) are never truly dry there, even mid-summer. I was careful, though, and got through the day without taking a tumble. Early in the morning, I was taking a break right under Devils’ Tea Table, and four guys came whizzing along The Loop. They stopped briefly and we exchanged greetings, then they took off again. They were out of sight and earshot in less than a minute. I got the distinct impression they had done this a few times. :)

Even though riding off-road is just an occasional thing for me, I had a great time Saturday, and felt really good all weekend. I plan on going back down in the canyon again before too long, but I think I’ll leave the upper trails for hiking excursions.

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