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obionespeedonly said:

Having time and money to escape the city's weak.

Having fun and then posting the pics and story's weak.

Making me jealous of all of you is weak.

Oh, yeah, I forgot, I'm working full/overtime, and am just a crybaby.

Does that mean I'm the one who's weak??

Great shots and glad you posted them.

Must satisfy the "whispering" and go ride the hills asap, keep having fun, inspiring all of us to do the same.
Haa-haa, right on!! I feel you bro!! I hear you're loving that new job a little too much. We're missing you lately. You better realize we will come in there and kidnap you if we have to.

Oh, and you'd better show up to D-Ville, who else are we gonna con into doing the midnight repairs?? ;)

Thanks again too for the trip a few weeks ago, and glad to hear you got props fron King Components and got the wheel fixed. Pretty soon we'll also be able to con the wife into letting you compete again. I got the O/R logo prepped and ready to be made if you decide.

As you say "Peace!!"

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