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mtnfiend said:
They only come in XXL (38"-40" Waist) and XL (36" Waist) but at 62% off that's not bad.
I recently got the Alloy 2.6 shorts in 'sheet metal' color and they are my new favorite baggy mtb shorts.

I also have the 2.3 and 2.1 Oakley mtb shorts (which are decent enough) and the new 2.6's are much better IMHO.

I wore a belt with them, but probably didn't need to. They stayed up all day without so much as tug the entire day, which is not common for big guys wearing baggies. Didn't snag on the front of the seat either.

I used to rave about the old NEMA Crown Jewel shorts, but the Oakley Alloy 2.6 is now the King of Clyde-friendly baggies (mine are the XXL size), and at $65, their cheaper too. They also come with a spacey looking tire tool, but I haven't tried it out yet...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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