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The City of Oakland is holding a Bicycle-Friendly Photo Contest during the month of March 2011. Last year Oakland received national recognition as a Bicycle Friendly Community from the League of American Bicyclists (LAB). LAB needs five photographs that demonstrate our bike-friendly side. The City's Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities Program is holding a photo contest to pick five great images for LAB. The photos will also be used to create a "Greetings from Oakland, California" postcard series that will be distributed on Bike to Work Day and displayed in City Hall.

The five contest categories are as follows:
1. Landscape-A view that highlights the best of Oakland's natural beauty and bicycling environment.
2. Portrait-A close up of a person, people, bicycle, or other subject (or object).
3. Abstract/artistic-You'll know it when you see it.
4. Bicycle "facilities"-Bikeway, bike parking, or other physical feature that supports bicycling for everyday transportation and/or recreation.
5. Community-Highlighting fun, advocacy, or both.

Download Bicycle-Friendly Photo Contest instructions.
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