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NZ S. Island, Nelson Area

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What are some of the area's best trails? I'm open to pretty much anything, but perfer the technical side of things. Any LBS that rent bikes, that are well suited for all mountain type of riding? What's it like around Nelson Lakes NP? Or Abel Tasman? Or Kahurangi? I'm arriving on Jan. 28th. Any locals want to play local tour guide?
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I've just been over and done the same thing.

Hired a bike off Dave from He has 2010 GT avalanches. Very flexible guy with pick up drop off etc.

Also hooked up with some guys from the nelson mountain bike club just by posting a thread on their website forum. Very friendly and passionate guys.

I have the .kmz (google earth) file for ALL of the mountain bike tracks around that area. Very comprehensive. Let me know your email address and I will send it through.


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thanks for the great beta. I'm looking forward to seeing that area of the country.

I'm from San Diego and this fellow answered my shout out Feb '08. Nelson has some wonderful riding no doubt and Stewart Cycles in Dwntwn Nelson has all the stuff ya need!
How long you going to be in nelson for? can show you round a few tracks in the evenings on the 28th and 29th or give you some pointers on where to go locally as some of the newer tracks are'nt on the club site as yet.

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