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I jsut wanted to share a a great experience with a bike shop. Since moving to NYC 2 years ago, I have been into almost every bike shop in Manhattan and finalyl found one that I can really say that I like. I have nothing to do with the shop and dont even know anyone besides the owners name but I have to say, they are top notch. I needed some clothes and had a few questions about a full suspension bike. i made it pretty clear that I dont have the money to buy a bike and was just there to ask some questions. he still patiently answered my questions and was friendly the whole time. The shop is really nice with a binch of really nice bikes lying around (including a bunch of singlespeeds)
when i mentioned that I was building up an older italian road frame he made a point of running to the back because as he said "it probably likely that you'll need a special ferrule for the deraileur housing, like on these Derosa's." So he gives me a bunch of ferrules and then only charges me like a $ for the brake housing i bought (granted I did buy about $100 in clothing)

So if your in NYC down in the village, stop in and check these guys out.

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Andrew and Gregory are cool. Andrew is a serious racer who travels a lot and places pretty well in big races from what I hear. They both used to work at my LBS until they opened velo.
Keep your ears out for winter rides etc that Andrew is putting together now that he has finished mtb and cyclocross racing.
Very friendly, very helpful and they know what they are talking about from 1st hand experience. Hard to beat that combo in a LBS.
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