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Okay, I'm all ears as to any shared experience anyone might have for hosting a race event.

It's about 6 weeks away. The flier is just about finished and round one of advertising is about to begin. I figured the schedule should be advertise 6 weeks ahead. Then again 3 weeks ahead. Then again 2 weeks and finally 1 week ahead of the event.

I've assembled a list of volunteers. Trail maintenance is being done weekly to get things ready. Number plates have been ordered. I've taken the steps for permission and the event forms are in the process of being filled out with the State Park officials (just waiting on final insurer). I was going to have the event under the USA Cycling status, but my USA Cycling Official just backed out on me two days ago. Hopefully, I can find another official ASAP.

But if not - does anyone have any idea of what the costs are to get the event and riders insured through an outfit other than USA Cycling? It will be a typical XC event with Beginner. Sport and Expert categories and turnout should be 50 - 100 racers.

How about ordering course marking tape and spray chalk? Does anyone have a source for those types of goodies.

Anything else anyone can think of would be much appreciated. Food thoughts were to supply bananas, bagels, bottled water, energy drinks, home made cookies.

Thanks in advance.

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