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I was going to put this under "what bike to buy" but it's really a size issue, not MY size, but the stupid Nukeproof company has poor frame sizing for such a popular height person like me. 5' 9", 31/32 inseam.

The Ragley's and the Santa Cruz Chameleon are perfect for me regarding the most important frame measures, reach and stack. I would buy the NP Scout right now if they're sizing was more normal, but it's such a variation between med/large.

I may end up spending almost $3k for the "R" build SC Chameleon just to get a good size for me, not to mention it's an awesome bike all around. The Ragley's won't be available until probably next summer.

Can anyone help me figure out what size NP Scout to buy if I go that direction? I don't race, ride fast or crank downhill. I'm a mix between XC and technical single track, here in New England we have a lot of roots and rocks. My height is 175cm, arm span is 174cm, my perfect reach number is 437mm, my RAD is 78/79cm. Thanks!!

PS. If I get the NP, I plan on giving it to my son when the Ragley Big Al is available, and he is pretty close to my size.
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