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Nucleon TFR owners.

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Can anyone shed some light on the stated frame weight of the Nucleon TFR. According to Nicolai's catalogue the Nucleon TFR frame is 6.3kg in weight (excluding shock) and is pictured c/w crank, gearbox, rear hub and axle which compared to my FR c/w crank, cassette, mechs, rear hub and axle appears to be a very small weight penalty for an internal gearbox equiped bike. but, and there's always a but! the bikes that are currently posted on here all weigh in a good 8 to 10 pounds heavier than the FR despite being fitted with similar equipment to the FR's.

I expect the TFR to come with a weight penalty compared to my FR but I would just like to know the true figures before I set my heart on one.

Thanks in Advance.
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The frame of my TFR in size M weight 7.8Kg without shox.

It's posible that Nicolai don't add to weight all parts of rear hub, rear rotor, rear ring, axle Ø12, etc..

CUADRO Nicolai Nucleon TFR 5.550,00 5.550,00
Basculante Nicolai Nucleon TFR 1.886,00 7.436,00
Sujeccion rodamiento interior NICOLAI COR - Vrtical Tune -6 6,00 7.442,00
Piñon traccion NICOLAI COR - Vrtical Tune -10 20,00 7.462,00
Estrella liberacion buje NICOLAI COR - Vrtical Tune -4 26,00 7.488,00
Centrador rodamiento exterior buje NICOLAI COR - Vertical aluminium -7 6,00 7.494,00
Tornillo eje Buje NICOLAI COR - Vrtical Tune -4 9,00 7.503,00
Pieza Sujeccion disco tras NICOLAI COR - Vrtical Tune -8 97,00 7.600,00
Biela izda Truvativ Hussefelt 279,00 7.879,00
BUJE TRASERO NICOLAI COR - Vrtical Tune -15 185,00
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