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Just dove into SSing on a '95 rigid stumpjumper and have a few questions. First, though I absolutely love it, it is the most amazing riding bike I've owned (trek 8000, trek fuel and ridden tons more) I live in Boise Id and am trying the 32-18
Sooo. my questions are-
1. I lucked out and dont think I need a chain tensioner for the above set-up. There is just enough room to tighten the chain very tight putting the back wheel in. However, when the chain is really tight there seems to be alot of friction or stress on the crank that keeps it from spinning well or something. Is this too tight a chain or can my bb not handle it or what is goin on. If I ease up the tension a little (just dont set the wheel down into the frame quite as far) it spins fine but I risk losing my chain and have a bruise on me knee from it.
2. I think I may want to go 29 up front for a just a tiny bit more cushion and know I need a fork with disc tabs but I am wondering if it is even possible on this bike without TOTALLY chaniging the geometry. or do I need to get a bike that had suspension first and get a suspension corrected fork for it. If so do you have some older inexpensive STEEL (oh how I love steel) choices.

thanks for the help
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