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OK, enough about plans and wishes for the new year (and I do wish all my mountain bike buddies all the best, on and off the bike, for 2007 ... :thumbsup: :D :yesnod: but…)

Time to list the trails/areas we rode for the first time in 2006!!! If you like, feel free to cite mileage/elevation stats, race placings, feet of air hucked, etc etc etc … but I could take it or leave in on that stuff …. mostly just wanna hear about your "geographic achievements" in mountain biking last year!

For me:

West Duwamish Greenbelt … biggest contiguous forested area in the city of Seattle, with a lot of potential … after Colonnade's done, it could turn into the BBTC's next big urban project!

Wicklow Mountains ... near Dublin, Ireland

Banner Forest

Sun Lakes State Park

Kettle Crest and Old Stage Coach

Green Mountain

Crystal Mountain

Deep Creek

Whistler! … bunch stuff in the bike park (blues and single-black diamonds) plus Thrill Me Kill Me and part of Comfortably Numb

Dungeness River and Gold Creek

Humptulips River

Fishook Flats

Deschutes River

McKenzie River


Basalt Peak

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I didn't have too many firsts in 2006, but a couple.

1) Various unnamed trails and forest roads in the West Fork Teanaway area.

2) Ape Canyon & Windy Ridge at Mt St. Helens.

3) Lower Falls trail near St. Helens.

4) Green Mountain

5) Corral Pass & Palisades

There might be others but I didn't hit too much new stuff this year. Looks like you had a pretty full year, E!

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Well, this summer was my first with the mountain biking hobby, so I didn't hit a ton of stuff but rode the local trails at least 4 days a week!

-Fishhook flats
-Lookout Mountain
-Taneum Ridge roller
-Gooseberry flats
-Devils Gulch
-Mission Ridge
-Hereford Meadows and Manastash trail system

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Over 25 new rides for 2006

Mission Ridge
Ranger Creek (been there before, first time climbing the trail solo)
Crystal Mt Loop
Deep Creek
Finley Hills
State Patrol
Cowiche Canyon
Reiter Pit
S Fork Skokomish
Basalt Peak
Little Bald Mt
Roslyn (unknown trail names, not ratpac)
Grand Ridge
CCC road (only partway)
Mt Margaret (solo)
Horesthief Bench - Fruita (solo)
Marys Loop / Moore Fun - Fruita (solo)
Mack Ridge / Troy Built - Fruita (solo)
Prime Cut / Zippity Do Da - Fruita (solo)
Westwater Mesa Overlook - Fruita (solo)
Fisher Mesa - Moab
Gemini Bridges - Moab (ok, I'm embarassed to have done that ride)
Amasa Back - Moab(been there before, first time solo on that trail)
Thrill Me Kill Me - Whistler
Comfortably Numb - Whistler(part of it)

Looking like 2007 will be much more epic than 2006.

All that for the new stuff, not mentioning the repeats, yet people still had to give me crap for taking time off the bike to go to South America. Which, btw, I'm definitely returning to Bolivia with a bike, likely in 2008.

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Hmmmm, this post caught my eye and made me think of all the first-time rides I did in 2006. Turned out it was quite a few:

Fruita: 18 Road (Joe's Ridge, Kessler's Run), Lunch Loops (Ribbon, Holy Cross), Horsethief Bench
Moab: Slickrock, Amassa Back, Porcupine Rim
St. George: Gooseberry Mesa
Salt Lake City: Sboreline Trail
Boise: Foothills area (Corrals, 8th Street Loops I think)
Grand Canyon: Rainbow Rim Trail
Mt. Rainier: Skookum Flats
Mt. St. Helen's: Ape Canyon/Plains of Abraham, Lewis River
Lake Shasta, CA: Clikapudi Trail
Napa: Oat Hill Mine Road, Skyline Wilderness Park
Sonoma: Annadel State Park
Pemberton, BC: Creampuff

It's gonna be hard to top this list in 2007 but I'll give it my best shot! Here's to more biking adventures for everyone this year!

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A few for me..

Sun Valley and Stanley, Idaho WA...
Beaver Lake
Anacortes Heart and Whistle Lake
Mt. St. Helens. Ape, Plains, Falls Creek
Willows Fjord
Cowhice Canyon, Yakima
Finley Hills, Kennewick
Chilly Hilly Ride

Lots of Night Rides in Usual Locations

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Wow, I'm recounting my rides last year and it seems like I didn't do any new rides (at least none that I can bring up here). ;)

Out of state, I did hit this one area in France and Switzerland for my honeymoon though.....that was cool!



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