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Not my day

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Today was one of those days I call them : Not my day.
I missed the folks and went to the trail alone then forgot my glasses and **** mud in my eyes. ( the only year I remember to have rain and such low temperatures at this time of the year over here in Iran) .

And at last I lost my damping in the middle of my run. Thanks god it didn’t happen on a jump or ramp. The Compression assembly had screwed of my top cap .The main cartridge body fell in the casing . The assey . was standing on the edge of the cartridge providing a mechanical lock out . Just fell a few topouts and lock out . Hoped I wouldn’t have fell into serious damage. Rode like a good boy to home and fetched my wrenches also the Intrinsic manual . Never thought working with a Travis Intrinsic damper could be so easy.

Oh by the way what are your media feeding about the things which are happening in Iran these days??

I was nearly killed on the Mondays rally. Took a part in the rally also in the after margin violence’s and 8 guys were killed by my side.

i took a cool experience that night . The thing I always mentioned in my posts when pals over here asked me about our situation in Iran.

Politics are **** are ****ed are …… my politic is to ride my bike and to spread the ridding culture among my surrounding as much as possible. It works Man it works .It makes friendships and clear-sighted culture.


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Bummer man. :(

I've had my fork blow out on me at inopportune times. It really sucks.
Prettym1k3 said:
Bummer man. :(

I've had my forks blow out on me at inopportune times. It really sucks.
Here is where motormonkey chimes in about his Travis.
Wow! 8 people killed near you! Keep your head down, Saber. I hope you all achieve the political end you seek.

The media is covering it as much as possible. With the lock-down on traditional media, most of the information is coming from the Internet. Our politicians are posturing, but clearly they have no power to affect anything in Iran. They are just talking to sound good to their voters. In general, I would say the world (minus N. Korea) is sympathetic to the cause of the opposition. However, it looks to us as though the Supreme Leader and the President are consolidating power. Best of luck.

Take care and ride on.
Sorry to hear about your fork. That blows.

Keep your head down Saber. Media is reporting demonstrations in the major cities and that Khameni has said Ahmedimijab won the election by a landslide and calling for peace. Traditional media is reporting from outside Iran, so there is no inside story we are hearing.

Hang in there man and don't get into any bad situations so we can keep getting your riding reports. Best to our brothers in Iran.
Oh by the way what are your media feeding about the things which are happening in Iran these days??

I was nearly killed on the Mondays rally. Took a part in the rally also in the after margin violence's and 8 guys were killed by my side.
The media is relying heavily on the Twitter feeds coming out of Iran (The US State Department requested that Twitter postpone scheduled maintenance until the middle of the night Iranian time so they could keep receiving information throughout the rally's).

Most of the US media outlets are posting direct links to the feeds rather than trying to sort through them all.

The voices of the Iranian people is being heard around the world, just keep your head down and stay safe.:thumbsup:
Everything is fine here. Despite the first night after the election which we had some intensity over the community.

The fact is that really there wasn’t any fraud in the votes . But Ahmadinejad used fraud to collect votes and this wasn’t his plan for the pre elections but all over his four year period. He had all his votes among the lower economic levels and the uneducated mass.

Nice to inform you we nearly don’t have uneducated population in Iran any more. Over 97 percent here have primary educations and now we have an annual university entrance for over 1 million.

Never mind The reformist oppositionist candid had his voted from the wealthier levels specially in Tehran. But the majority was for the stupid guy.
The night before election we ganged up with some XC pals and cruised over the city as a fan .Nice nights complete freedom . Any one was free to yell any thing at any of the politicians they wanted !! taking out jokes ‘ slogans and….

But I was eager to show you some of the pictures which are way different from those of that I have always uploaded here. And maybe the DH/ FR forum isn’t the right place for them but I would like to show them here as I have always followed up my progress here in this forum +the passion forum.

On the first pic
Left bottom : That’s also at Monday . a huge rally was held in silence destinated to the freedom Sq. And I was between the 3.5 million contesters !

Right bottom : Again the plain cloth intelligence agents . They are brainless they receive money to do what they are told . Think such guys could be found in any government any where round the globe even in the states.

On the second pic
Right top: A secret ( plain cloth ) governmental intelligence agent recognized & captured by people .

Right bottom : near the place I was on Monday . A militia member opened gun fire on the crowd killed 8 and injured many

Third photo : noticed this one on Google earth !! it was selected for google earth at Panoromio . Hmm I recorded my self on the map!! Ill keep on ridding and posting here man .
Love all of you too.


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Holy crap!
That really sucks to hear bought all that political crap
Make sure you stay safe mate
To be honest i dont remember seeing any of that on the news in Australia
Ill be keeping an eye out now
Thank you for this report Saber
Stay safe and good luck to all of you there.
Just let it ride, Mr. Saber.
suicidebomber said:
Just let it ride, Mr. Saber.
nobody should have to go through that.....I hope a peaceful ending to the turmoil happens....I hope the peoples wishes come true
Maybe Americans should be taking lessons on effecting change from the Iranians. After all the years of propaganda, it's a bit ironic to say such a thing, no? We seem to have forgotten how to go out, let our voices be known, and keep the politicians honest. There is an absolute authority there and they are going step-wise. Our politicians are afraid of us, yet we're too lazy to go out in the streets and let things be known and participate in government and protest the laws they make that affect our lives.
Just noticed a articale about the turmoil in Iran in my local newspaper, really does suck to hear, it makes you realise how lucky we have it in Australia (and america for that matter)

Stay safe and keep shredding Saber!
The chaos was even more intense and violent today ( without blood only chaos ) .

But never mind like to keep it up with my ridding threads. Could you remember the reports I had from our national races?? It’s a year I havnt attended any races .For the situation I had in my personal life in Uni. And Etc.

No problem ill hit the race courses soon but no more as a racer !! im off . I like to shoot cool photos while I have more time with the race stress.

Gona take my self back to those days again.
Very interesting Saber, thank you for the posts.
Ride on, brother.
Thanks for the updates and good wishes from a couple Canadians. Hope this ends soon... I'm starting to think we are on the brink on another world war, the stress from the economy, terrorism, arms races and other things is making the world a dark place. If only countries like the US, Canada, England, Australia, Russia, and many others would stop picking there noses and get there asses in Iran and settle this. But that might start a bigger problem. If I were you I'd get out of their and quick, hate to see you get cross in the cross fire(or anyone for that matter but that is asking for a miracle). Keep your voice strong and maybe this might end, good luck and ride on!
Be safe man - i blew the dampener in my Totem over a month ago and RS FINALLY got one out to my LBS.. i will have my bike back this week..
This is one place I never thought I'd read something about the political issues in Iran and I'm not against it in any way, haha. Keep us posted man. It seems to be the only way we're going to be able to get to know what's truly going on over there for you and your friends and family. Send us a post of you ridin a wheelie through the crowd, haha.

Seriously tho, keep your head down so you can ride again tomorrow, but let us know what's goin on. Good luck to you.
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