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Don't worry, be happy!
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I'm one of the founding members of our new MTB club here in town, and the first event is Satuday. I'm the spearhead of this particular project. I'm so stoked! We are doing a trail clean up of one of the city parks, an undeveloped area that is used primarily by - you got it - bikers!!!

We only had our first meeting in January. Now we have 20 paid members, and email list of 80+. About a month after the first meeting I saw an article about an "adopt a park" program the city put in place for organzations, so naturally we applied for our club to adopt this one park ( camp sekani) that is full of single track, natural rock technical features and dirt jumps. the city was totally thrilled that we wanted to adopt the area, and before I could even ask whaqt the club could or could not do, we got approved for trail mainetenance and cleanup activities.

We did a walk though a couple of weeks ago to see what all is going up there. It's kind of been a free for all in the stealth building department. The bottom line is that our club got approval to put together a group for legal building. (!!!) ( and see if we can't get a handle o the guerrilla stuff :rolleyes: )

So the clean up - it's going to be a typcial clean up, picking up trash and dumped items. Glamourous, eh? It's been so cool how many people have come up and offered to help, whether they are going to be crew leaders, shop donations for schwag, running the sign in tables, bringing trucks or just showing up.The local 7 UP bottler made us a 6 foot banner, and the outdoors editor of the newspaper has given us lots of press.

I've been getting asked a lot , "how many". Hahaha, like I could even guess. I think this thing is pretty well publicized in the bike circles: we've gotten a lot of outdoors related press, and shop publicity. So, hope for sunshine and hope for the best.

I did go through a phase last week where it was keeping me up at night,but I'm feeling pretty organized right now. I have lots of good people working on parts of it. But things like "is there TP in the porta potti up there" are driving me nuts....

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