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not for the "FAINT" of heart

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So for those of you wonderin where I've been..Me and my brother have been building a new trail and today we decided to name it FAINT...its pretty knarly and has some good drops in it..Its also an "earn your turn" kinda trail gotta do some hike a biken..its not at somo but closer to me..heres some pics...hmm well I guess I cant get them to upload that sucks...can someone let me know how to post pics on here without making them smaller
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I wasn't "wonderin", but geez thanks for posting. Maybe my 2010 will be awesome based on your post...can't wait to see your definition of "knarly"...
just so ya know my deffinition of pretty knarly is not as knarly as super knarly lol..I've riden steeper trails then it...well its got some steep in it and 1 15x15 drop in it and a few other drops and it has some tech and some steep tech..half the trail is steep then the other half is fast once its done it should be a decent trail but its not very long only bout 1/2 mi

One way is to get on Photobucket or something similiar that will allow fullsize pix and it will give you HTML code after you upoad them that you can copy and then paste in the text of your posts.
cool thanks I'll try that later on
sorry but not givin out loc till its completley done which it will be soon proly I'll get pics soon
come on, you're killing us here!!! knarly trail with no get them up, we are salivating...
I'll get more pics soon these dont really do any justice.the drop is like a 15x15 and it looks small in the pics
nope..its Phx
toylxl2 said:
nope..its Phx
West Side???
Hm this looks cool. If it's closer to you, it's prob closer to me as well...
yup its west side and ron its not closer to you cause I dont live in north phx anymore im in avondale..I'll take you out there once its done or pm you directions
Justin and I worked on some more of the trail today..get closer to bein done and cant wait to take some of you out to it but just be prepared for the hike lol..I'll put up a few more pics soon
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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