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Let me start by saying: Yes I have searched and read all the other armor threads and reviews but wanted to re-ask the question. It's time to dump my SixSixOne Assault Pressure Suit and get something with better back protection. As I read everyone's reviews it seems like everyone just recommends what they ride (which is cool and understandable). What I'm looking for is a better understanding of the back/spine protection of the following jackets:
  • Dainese Impact Jacket Race
  • Dainese Impact Armour (this looks like the same back and chest protection as the Impact Race without the elbow pads?)
  • Rock Gardn Flak Jacket
  • 661Pro Pressure Suit

Anyone care to comment on these options? I'm leaning toward the Impact Armour but am not sure it's worth 130 more than the RockGardn or Pro Pressure Suit. Thanks everyone!
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