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Northwest Trail Alliance General mtg tonight, June 30th, 2009

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Topics to include: Mark Pickett, Forest Park (FP) Trail Care rep. and Erik Tonkin Parks Bureau rep. will be talking about efforts in FP in more detail, as well as updates on the Gateway Green proposal and Powell Butte in the metro area, along with other regional projects.


NWTA Monthly Meeting

"Join us at the NW Lucky Lab for an update on all the things we've been up to, including ongoing advocacy projects, upcoming trailwork parties, rides and other events. There will aso be plenty of social time to connect with fellow mountain bikers and trail advocates.
Open to NWTA members and non-members alike.

Lucky Lab NW Beer Hall
1945 NW Quimby
Portland, OR

6:30 - 7:30pm: social time (come early to chat over a bite and a beer).
7:30pm: feature presentation (typically, the subject is announced the week prior to the meeting).
8:00pm: various updates and announcements.
8:15pm - 9:00pm: social time."
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Love the old school BBTC logo usage....

Glad to see you guys gettin' organized down there. Looking forward to good stuff from there.
Birthing class tonight....

so take good notes for me. :thumbsup:

A reminder to others, you do not need to be a member to check it out. Grab a beer or two and check things out.
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