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northern nv

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so im fairly new to mtn biking and reno.. where can i find a book or even a website to tell me were most of the trails are in the reno,carson area... thanks tate
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Great Basin Bicycles has a good collection of maps on their website:

I imagine most bike shops will sell maps as well.,
Talk with the local shops (especially Great Basin). There is a lot in the area for ever level of riding. I actually hit up Centennial Park in Carson City this weekend because it had an 80% dry ride report. Was actually a nice ride and quite a bit of fun.
ok thanks for the info.. wish it was spring already though lol
Eh... riding in 50degree weather aint so bad. You end up working hard enough with the climbing that we have around here that you get warm pretty quickly. I would just see what trails are decently dry (read the east side of town) and go ride. Stuff on the north side of hills and stuff in gullies and stuff will still be wet/snowy/etc.
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