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Chris Bling
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Just got back from a ride on the Pugsley and thought I would share some pics. Beautiful evening ride at just the right temp.

The view from the top of the hill over Elko
Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle wheel Bicycle Landscape

I climbed the tower on the top of the hill and you can just see my bike way down there against the fence.
Shoe Athletic shoe Carmine Sneakers Walking shoe

Looking south off the tower
Horizon Daylighting Engineering

Looking down the ladder I came up
Architecture Iron Metal Parallel Engineering

Looking North East off the tower. Beautiful.
Telecommunications engineering Antenna Radio telescope Summit Radar

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Heh. I ate it hard a couple of years ago on a loose, steep ATV track on the way down from that tower. Broken 3rd rib and clavicle. Great area to ride, though - lots of options and killer views. Excellent sunset a couple of nights ago, although I'm going to need to get a headlight if I plan on enjoying a sunset out on a ride again...

Thanks for the pix.
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