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Please come join The Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship in Downieville the weekend of April 9th for a celebration of the North Yuba Trail.

We've all helped to complete this project, over the last ohh….12 years or so, and now its time to enjoy the fruits of our labors. And, of course drink beer, eat hardy and share some laughs.

In addition to the North Yuba Trail celebration, the Banff Mountain Film Festival will be in town April 8-11 at the historic Yuba Theatre. More info here:

Saturday's Schedule:
Breakfast at Yuba Expeditions bike shop
How to support future SBTS projects with a "Core" Membership.
We'll give project updates including: North Yuba Trail connections to Forest City, Bullards Bar and Sierra City.
Trailwork on the North Yuba Trail. We'll be widening the tread, removing deadfall and constructing the trail entrance from the Downieville Trailhead parking area to the trail proper. So, we'll have plenty of worthwhile projects both out on the trail and close to town.
Install North Yuba Trailhead signs
Install 2 Trail Adoption signs.
The official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at 3:00PM!
Kegs of free beer on tap at the Yuba shop!!!!!
Wine pouring, compliments of Mark Juris and Will of 49 Wines in Downieville.
Smokey Wayno's Killer BBQ at Yuba Expeditions.
Swag giveaway and skill competitions for valuable prizes including a bear bike slalom, a flat tire change contest, and more.
After BBQ party at the St. Charles presented by WTB and EBAC (Eager Beaver Adventure Club) see them on Facebook.

Breakfast provided at the Rocky Rest Campground
Yuba Expeditions will provide shuttle service from Rocky Rest to Downieville for those wanting to ride the entire North Yuba Trail as an out and back.

More info here:
(Scroll to the bottom of the page to RSVP)
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