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North Fork Little Laramie trail report.

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Figured it was time to head west for my afternoon ride so I rode North Fork Little Laramie trail last night from Hwy 130 parking lot up to about 10,000'. The lower trail from the hwy to Sand Lake Rd is a mess! I've never seen so much water on it. Definitely avoid it for a few more weeks. The section of the ride above Sand Lake Rd was almost all dry as a bone. I rode up to the part that is always swampy no matter what time of year, guestimating about 10,000. Everything from the campground to there is good to go. There is one new tree down that is a major PITA to portage, and one old tree that I tried to set up a ramp to ride over.
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I was looking to ride (escape the heat) the trail from Brooklyn lake around to the north side of the Snowys, I think it's called Sheep Creek trail. I know there is one spot that always holds snow for a while but was wondering if it is mostly melted and dry? Anyone been up that way?
Went for a hike at Libby Lake sunday, most of the snow is gone but there are quite a few snowdrifts persisting. I bet it will the really high altitude stuff will be good to go by august.
Rode Northfork to Sheep Lake trail, to Sand Lake and back to the Little Laramie lot today. Still a few wet spots, some of which were due to recent rains, still a little snow melt adding to the fun on Sheep Lake. If you want it dry, it'll be a while, but if you don't mind tip toeing around a little, it is beautiful up there right now. *
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