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Hello everyone,

I've been debating this for a long while, but I haven't beena ble to get the necessary resources to make a decision, so I just thought of asking you guys straight up.

Which one is better suited for me?

I've already purcahsed the Norco Mountaineer, but I was having second thoughts over the components and seemed very meager for the price I paid ($300 CAD). Giant's new 04' bike the "Rock" caught my eye. I tried several searches and came up with nothing referring to the Giant Rock.

Here the links to their specs and pictures.

Giant Rock

Norco Mountaineer

The Giant Rock seems to have much better componentry, so that's why I was thinking of returning the Norco and going for that. Any suggestions?

Thanks once again to the people of MTBR for their advice!

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I wouldn't sweat it - your bike has a TX50 r. derailleur, and the giant has a Altus - barely any difference. Maybe your TX50 will wear out in 2 or three years (while an altus might last 3 or four MAX), but until then it will work as well as the altus. ANd then it'll cost you about 20 bucks to outright buy an altus derailleur.

Your bike has an (very basic) aluminum frame, too, so yours might be a little bit lighter then the "Supersized" steel frame on the giant.

ANd besides, doesn't Giant make Norcos in Taiwan and China?

The moral of the story is:
Ride your bike until the wheels fall off, all the while save your pennies so your next bike will last a little longer.
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