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Norco or Raleigh

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Wich bike would you go for Raleigh XXIX or the norco judan. Both are belt drive and that is the goal.
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Really a raliegh?
Raliegh Just makes me think of the old guy with a 70's road bike who thinks it was the end all, or the grandma on the 27in wheeled cruiser who is too cheap to buy new grips...

My norco trials bike is nice enough to make that decision easy for me...
Norco, great bikes for the money, and usually bomb proof.

I took my 1st ride on mine, yesterday, after work.
Very smooth, very well built.
Likin' the 29" wheels.
I had a lot of help from my friend David W., and The Bike Shop here in town. Great folks!
I chose an Ardent tire for the front, and it feels pretty good. Stock tire in back, Geax Saguaro feels okay for now.
And, I chose to replace the stock seat post clamp. Keith at The Bike Shop put a Salsa clamp on for me. Likin' it too.
The rigid fork takes a lil getting used to. I think I'll like it tho.

Good bike for the money. Plus,,,,, no chain lube required!!!:thumbsup:

Key point here, is the folks at your LBS,,,,,,, and advice from friends who ride 29'ers.
Both are invaluable.

Good luck!!
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elsewhere said:
... or the grandma on the 27in wheeled cruiser who is too cheap to buy new grips....
your comment smells like cat food
thanks all.. still waitning on taxes to come back... then the fun begins and i can pull the triger on one..
What about the Ventana belt drive?
Haha spot me$$$$$
I picked up a Norco Vesta for $500. Great belt-drive bike, but the components are pretty cheap (and I don't mean inexpensive). The Shimano 525 hub bearings were out of adjustment and the front wheel way out of true. It was easy enough to fix those issues. After a couple of rides the rear wheel locked up. I re-checked the bearings, but it turned out that the freehub body fixing bolt was loose, causing the bearings to self-tighten while riding. The frame is top-notch for a Taiwan-built welded job. I just installed fenders and noticed that one of the fork rack-mounting bosses was crooked. I am glad I got it at a low price, because I have replaced almost every component. It's my first single-speed and now that I have it customized, I really love riding it.
sweet thanks for the info
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