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Greetings everyone,

I'm new to downhilling this year. I've rode a couple of my buddies' downhill bikes and I fell in love with it. Now, it's just picking a bike. I'm hoping some of you guys with a little knowledge might help me out.

I've narrowed it down to two bikes: The Norco VPS Shore Shore Specs

and the Giant Faith 2 Faith 2 Specs

I would swap the Jr. T's on the Faith for Marzocchi 888Rs.

My heart is set on the Norco because I like the geometry and Norco has a good name up here in Canada. The only thing I'm worried about with the Norco is the Fox DHX-5 rear shock. I've read some threads here that say there is a bad clunk/feel to this shock. Has Fox fixed this problem for 2005? I have a buddy with the Norco and he has no problems. In fact, I rode it and fell in love with it. Just don't want that Fox DHX-5 to crap out on me soon after.

Any info suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


There's no app for this.
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Take it over to

the DH/FR board, you'll find more big bike riders there.

FWIW, some of my friends ride the VPS, it's been fine. But I know squat about that specific Fox shock, and the new Giant.

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