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If you remember i posted a little while ago looking to decide on a downhill bike to get. I still really like the looks of the Iron Horse SGS Pro but I cant find any place that has one in stock. I called 9 or 10 different Iron Horse dealers in my area, either they dont carry them or are out of stock and not getting more. So I have looked around. Im looking at the Norco A-line both the 2003 and 2004 models. Im not to sure on prices yet but I think I can get the 2003 for around $1800. Im just wondering if this bike would be good for a beginner downhiller. I do have expirence in DH just not on a DH bike so I hope to push myself some, and probably enter races later this summer/fall. I was at the race at tenney today and all I can say is I want to do that kind of stuff cause it looks like so much fun. There is a Norco dealer around me and I am going to call them tommorow and see what they have.

Is the Norco A-line good for a beginner?
Whats the difference between the 2003 and 2004 models?
What are the prices around?
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