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Looking for some recommendations or what people are running as far as tires in NorCal for XC.

Am currently running WTB Raptor 2.1 rear, and S-works XC 2.1 front. They were pretty good when things were softer and sticky. But as it has dried out, this combo blows. Mainly I'm sliding all over the place in turns. i'm fairly aggressive rider, so when I laid it down twice on my last ride, because the front wheel slid out on turns I knew it was time to change tires.

I think i should be running something a little bigger.

But I'm not real knowledgable about tires and setup for different riding conditions. Thanks for any help.

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What WTB "Raptor" are you running in the back? There are a few Raptors, Moto, Mutano etc.

I run a 2.4 MutanoRaptor up front and now a Maxxis HansVenture in the back. The 2.4 MutanoRaptor was too lightweight for the riding I do and my weight.

The 2.4 MutanoRaptor in front has been really good, no complaints so far, but I haven't really hit the hard, dry season with it yet. I ran a 2.14 MutanoRaptor up front a was happy, and a 2.24 MutanoRaptor in the rear, but as that wore down it got a little washy with light sand on hardpack. But the tire had seen a full season and a half including Tahoe thrashings before it started to break free.

I have also learned that the 2.4 needs a wider rim to be more consistent.

Look for something with a round profile and more hardpack specific smaller profile knobs.

I have heard that the Hutchinson Pythons are quite good and the new generation may be better. Some with experience can speak to that.

If you ride through any deep sand patches volume should help you there.

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