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NorCal XC races:

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looks like Ron Mole is way to busy to update his list i've been relying on.

what are some other links that lists NorCal races, other than and ?

here'a list of indivudual xc mtb races that i know of, 2005:

4/10 Boggs Mt. (Billy Cross)
4/17 SeaOtter
4/24 NVDC, Nappa Valley Dirt Classic (!) or Glory Hole MTB Race
4/30 18th Lemurian (Sat.)
5/1 Nor Cal High School MTB State Championship, Walker Creek Ranch in West Marin, high-school only event.
5/29 Lake Sonoma (Billy Cross)
6/12 Skyline, Eagle Cycling Club's. Nappa
6/18 Bigfoot Classic, Bald Mt., Arcata. (Sat.)
6/26 Cascade Cream Puff ("America's Toughest 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race Oakridge/Westfir, Oregon")
7/24 Downieville
7/31 Boggs Mt. (Billy Cross)
8/13 The Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race, Colorado.
8/14 Howell Mt. or Lake Sonoma (Billy Cross)
9/11 Cougar Mt., Infineon Raceway.
9/18 Mammoth, US MTB Championships Mammoth Mt. Sep. 15-18
9/24 Whiskeytown Classic, (Sat.)
10/2 Lake Sonoma (Billy Cross)
10/? Parkfield
10/? Stanford Santa Teresa
10/9 FreeOtter (Billy Cross: free to everyone!)
10/22 Lagrange Fall Classic, Weaverville (Sat.)

NorCal Team (or "irontush" solo) races, 2005:

5/15 Bogg's Mountain- 8-hour Team Race
5/28 12 Hours of Weaverville
6/26 Lake Sonoma- 8-Hour Team Race
7/9 12 Hours of Humbolt
9/25 Lake Sonoma- 6-Hour Team Race
10/8 Whiskytown Nine to Five
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Every Wednesday evening (around 5) in the summer there are critereon xc races at Howarth park in Santa Rosa (adjacent to Annadel). Very informal and friendly, just show up.
The Iron Tush 8hr at Boggs listed as ...

...15may, was given to me verbally as the 22nd of May...

I haven't heard from Ken in a couple of weeks and had no preride or course planning yet...
Being next Sunday as the first event I had hoped to hear from Ken and get things situated.

I used the same site mentioned above...
Sorry I couldn't be more help.
If you come up Sunday for the Race look me up.

Friends of Boggs
Event Coordinator
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You can link through Ron's site to most of the individual race sites. That is what I did to get an overview of what races I want to run for the year.
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