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Flocking scumbag emer-efers. Many of you know Ian Massey, a Pro DH racer very active in the NorCal DH scene, and one of the best product promoters ever. I just learned that his Concord home was broken into yesterday and his bikes stolen. Here's his decsription from a CL listing:

My name is Ian Massey I just cane home from work to find my house brocken in to in Concord and my Turner DHR and Santa Cruz Heckler stolen I am a unsponsered Pro racer and cannot afford to replace these bikes I am offering a $500.00 Cash for there safe return. Please call if you have any info 1 707 688 3594. The Turner DHR is a 2006 w no paint(polished) a Fox DHX coil w/ti spring and a brand new 2009 fox 40 in white with a point 1 integrated stem and a blue Gamut chainguide all WTB components wheels tires seat ect. The heckler is a 2006 in white witha Fox rp3 shock a 2008 Fox 36 float with no paint a prototype Point 1 stem in 70mm length a red Gamut chainguide and all WTB components wheels tires seat ect, Riding is my livlyhood and I cannot afford to replace these bikes please help tell everyone you know!

Ian Massey 1 707 688 3594

His bikes have some very telling components, including prototype Point-1 Racing stems.

Please help a bro out and keep your eyeballs peeled. Break knees and ask questions later if you see some home-boy selling or riding these bikes.

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WOW! I am starting to wonder if someone in the N* crowd is a huge thief. This sounds like what happened to me just a few months ago. Just wondering if anything else was taken? Whoever took my stuff knew my patterns. Which means they at least knew who I was and what I had.

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TrainingWheelz? said:
That sucks!

Any home insurance? For the $10-$30 a month it costs for renter's insurance I am surprised more people do not carry it. I can direct you all to a great agent..........:thumbsup:
exactly....mines like 12 a month....sorry to here
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