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Here's my story..... It was a dark cold wrong story sorry.

Hi my name is Chris Decker I live in Platte City, MO just north of Kansas City. In April of 2008 I weighed a astounding 436 lbs! Yes that says 436 not a typo. I had Gastric bypass surgery on May 19th 2008. Here it is New Years Eve Eve and I weigh 245lbs. Yep trying to get to 200-220. But enough about my weight. I am 30 yrs old and decided in June I was going to take up mountain biking. I went out and bought a 2007 Cannondale F4 at LBS (Cycle City) it was of course last years model so I got what I believe was a good deal. The bike also seemed to fit me well ( I was still ~380) I have only done a couple of things to it. I changed the seat out to a little larger seat. The pedals had to go I put on a bigger alum platform pedals with cleats ( I have large feet).

I started riding the paved trails around my neighborhood a few times just to get used to the bike. Heck it had been almost 15 yrs since I rode a bike. Well My buddy is a trail rider. He took me to Shawnee Mission Park to ride the "Easiest trails near me." Remember I hadn't rode in 15 yrs and never on trails. But I liked it, I fell once or twice and had to walk a bit but liked it. Of course it wasn't too exciting for him but we had a good time. The next place we went was called Landahl Park this has some very technical spots. (To say the least). We started on the trail and was about 5 mins into riding when I went down hard for the first time. Falling at Shawnee was nothing it was just falling down sideways. This was full on moving fast coming to a dead stop and over the handle bars I went. I picked myself up bushed myself off and went on. All I thought about the next hour was dang this Mtbing is hard stuff. We then went to a rocky section by the firing range if any of you have been to Landahl. I fell again this time bending my der cage on a rock. Me not know jack about bikes pushed my bike out of there to my car. All I knew was it wouldn't stay in gear so I could ride it. It kept jumping between gears. So I drive to the LBS where I purchased it. They tell me its a der bent cage... ( now the cage is barely bent but just enough to cause a headache) They say they think they can bend it back. they get it shifting on the bench just fine. I take it out ride around the parking lot seems great... we head out a few days later to another trail and go riding . This time about 45 min in I have hit nothing it starts acting up again. I took it to the LBS again and they tweak on the cage some more and set the hi lo screws. It seems fine on the bench take it home and it works fine for about a week then it happens again this time I had been riding on paved trails.

So I am clueless and I think I need to replace the rear der.

So.... fed up with the rear der, a stock SRAM X-7 with SX-5 triggers. I just now ordered a 2009 X-9 der and 2009 X-9 trigger shifters.

Should I replace the cables while I'm at it?

I think I am going to replace the hanger too.

Does anyone know what hanger # I need to order to fit the 2007 F4?

What is the next thing I should upgrade?

here are my specs
2007 Cannondale F4

Fork HeadShok .... Super Fatty Ultra DL, 80 mm
Rear Shock .... N/A
Rims .... Sun Black Eye Disc, 32 hole
Hubs .... Shimano M475
Spokes .... Mach1
Tires .... CST Caballero, 26 x 2.1"
Pedals .... Alum pedals with cleats
Crank .... TruVatiV ISOflow, 22/32/44
Chain .... SRAM 9-speed
Rear Cogs .... SRAM PG-950, 11-34
Bottom Bracket .... Shimano BB-UN26
Front Derailleur .... Shimano Deore
Rear Derailleur .... SRAM X-7 (Upgrading to X-9)
Shifters .... SRAM SX5 Trigger (Upgrading to X-9 Trigger)
Handlebars .... Cannondale C3, 20 mm rise
Stem .... Cannondale XC3 HeadShok, 31.8 mm
Headset .... Cannondale HeadShok Si
Brakeset .... Avid BB5 Disc (Thinking of upgrading to Juicy 5 or 7)
Brakelevers .... Cannondale Fire
Saddle .... Upgraded to softer seat
Seat Post .... Cannondale C4 Alloy
Colors .... Teak Brown (matte) (BRN),
Sizes .... L
Extras .... Cannondale V-Tech Grip

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Welcome and congrats on getting in. The most standard method is to replace things as they break. That being said I'm not sure you needed to replace your entire rear shifting setup, just a der. hanger might have done the trick. With any derailleur there are going to be adjustments, its best if you look around on the net or pick up a book to learn to do these things yourself.

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Welcome to the mtbr forums Chris. Your what mtn biking is all about. I pretty much agree with Keetan, probably just needed to replace the der hanger. I bent hanger can definatley cause poor shifting like what you describe. Your LBS actually has a tool to measure the der. hanger to insure it is in the right position.

But don't fret, you upgraded to some very nice stuff. If you go to the Cannondale forum, somebody there might be able to help you with your question about the right hanger. Also, you might want to post questions like this in a forum like the Cannondale or this forum, before you spend the dough.

You got a great bike, enjoy and happy holidays.

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First of all, congratulations on losing all of that weight. I know a woman who used to work with my mom who also had a gastric bypass surgery. Unfortunately for her, she didn't follow the post-surgery diet rules and has maintained her old weight. She didn't exercise or stop smoking either. It's kind of sad.

I think your bike is really nice. I think you should just replace things when they break/wear out. Good luck with your bike!

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Ok, if you bought aftermarket shifters, they generally come with new cables.

I'm not sure you needed the stuff you bought, but since you did, you may as well use it.

Nothing wrong with X.7. I have it on a few bikes in my family and I swear by them. My son has bent a couple of them pretty badly and I have been able to straighten them back into working condition, but that may not be within your skillset at this time.

As for hangers, you want a #19 from here:

Congrats on the weight loss. Don't worry about upgrading anything that hasn't broken. Start saving for your next bike instead.

Helpful tip of the day: Buy at least one spare hanger and keep it in your camelbak/toolkit so that you can possibly replace a bent hanger on the trail thus avoiding a long walk out.

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Thanks I started thinking it may be the hanger is tweaked but I will go ahead and upgrade a little as well. Thanks to all for your kind welcome and advice.

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All good keaton said, it's helpful to get a maintenance book. The Zinn book is highly recommended, as is the Parktool Big Blue Book. Here is the maintenance book review page:

Also, I think one of the best things you can buy starting out, is a repair stand. I have the Parktool PCS-9(lowest model) and it works great. If you google it, you can find it under a hundred dollars.

Welcome to MTBR.
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