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I've finally had enough kool-aid :thumbsup: and recently bought a 29er SS (used Sir9 :) ). It's currently set up as 34/19, and I anticipate that I'll be very happy with that gear ratio to start out.

However, I'd like to get a couple more cogs, 17 or 18 and 20 or 21, to possibly use for different potential riding conditions.

I've read in the SS FAQ here about the the "4 tooth" rule for chain length. Am I understanding it right - as long as I keep my cog spread 17-21, I should be OK with using the very same chain for any cog in that range?

Assuming that spread, what cog should I have on the bike when I first size the chain to cut it down? The biggest (21)? The middle (19) which I plan to use as my primary?

Any advice/insight on this subject is much appreciated; thanks in advance!

Cheers, Chris
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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