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Will what appears to be more of a road tire, namely this Soma Fabrications B-Line 650bx38mm model, fit onto your typical 650b wheel set spec'd on a mountain bike? I suppose what I am really asking is, are all 650b rims the same in terms of tire fit, or are there road/cross-specific 650b rims that differ from mtb-specific rims in some way as to make road tires "unmountable"?

Soma Fabrications B-Line 650b Road Tire at BikeTiresDirect

I'm looking for a pair of slicks or semi-slicks to mount on a Scott Scale 700 SL MTB. Also considering the Vee Rubber VRB-316 Speedster, which is a MTB-specific tire.

VRB-316(Speedster) - Vee Rubber| vehicle tires, motorcycle tires, bicycle tires , truck and bias tires,bike tires,fat bike
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