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I have been reading a bunch here and my old 1985 Sears 10 speed has bit the dust and I want to go off the road with some fire trails, crush & run gravel roads and a little asphalt.
I'm no hot dog rider. I just want to cruise and have some steep terrain to deal with at times.

My cash is in the $600.00 area. I do not know if I want a 29r or a great 26.
I am 6'1.5" @ 215 lbs with a 32 " inseam.
There is no local bike shop near me so mail order can be an option.

I'm looking at the below. If there are other decent options please let me know. Even though I am reading I am still not up to speed technically. I still need to know how to tell the number of speeds are on these things. Or if I want to hold out for a 29r or get a 26.
If I can ask even more I would like help with where to purchase.

  • 2010 Motobecane Fantom 29r @ $595.95 (Bikes Direct)
  • A Felt Q620 @ list $649 or Felt Q520 @ $469 (Where to buy?)
  • Hardrock Sport Disc 29 @ $579? I think. (Where to buy?)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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