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Hey folks.
I'm relatively new to biking and I really don't have alot to offer this place, but I do have a lot to learn!
First of all, I just got my first Camelbak and I have a couple questions regarding them.
When full, does the filling cap go at the bottom or top of the bag?
I've heard that there are some things I am supposed to do with the bite valve prior to use. If this is true, cna someone please explain it to me?
Many thanks in advance.
See you on the trail

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You're supposed to pinch the bite valve to make sure it opens up.

Edit: Sorry about the misinformation guys. I haven't bought a new bite valve in a long time, I guess my memory's goin'. Sorry about that!

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musky said:
Thanks! That is what I figured, but some goof I work with said it goes at the bottom.
Some people use the word "camelback" generically, to mean any sort of hydration pack. With some brands other than Camelback, the filler lid does go towards the bottom. I have one hydration pack like that. Possibly your guy at work does as well.

The important thing is to orient the bag so that the hose that you suck out of connects at the bottom. You'll know if you get it wrong, because you won't get any water.

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Judd97 said:
You're supposed to cut the slot into the bite valve and pinch it to make sure it opens up. Just don't hack it to pieces, you only need to help it on it's way to opening.
No, you are NOT suppose to cut the bite valve!

Read the instructions. It clears states cutting it open will cause it to leak. Just roll the bite valve between your fingers to break it open.
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