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If this should go in a different forum, please feel free to educate me! I'm new here and starting to get back into mountain biking after 25 years. My how things have changed!

After much consideration, and not knowing how much biking I'd actually end up doing, I decided to get a used bike reasonably cheap. I figured if I really like it I can upgrade. I ended up with a GT Avalanche 1.0 with some upgraded components including a Marzocchi fork. My research showed the Marzocchis have a bit of a cult following and a friend said it would be a good deal.

Upon trying to figure out exactly WHICH Marzocchi model I have, I looked at the bottom of the fork (for a model number) and I noticed that there is a difference between the two sides. It is as if one side had a cap fall off. See photos -- there's a cap with a knob on it on one side and the other side has nothing -- hollow -- and seemingly exposing it to dirt and crud while riding.

I have ridden the bike once on trails, and while my riding could stand some improvement, the bike seemed to work okay. Did not discover this till after my first ride.

Are they supposed to be like this or am I screwed? Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Any other insights on how this whole suspension thing is supposed to work are welcomed. From what I've been able to find on line, these things are adjustable.

Thanks for any advice or insights you can offer.



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