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non UST on crossmax

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I really would like to gain a weight benefit from not running UST tires on my crossmax UST wheels (2005 or so model), an I going to have any luck getting a lightweight non-ust tire to seal up on these wheels?? I see all these super light race tires id love to use, conti's and schwalbe's etc.
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My guess is they won't seal unless you use some kind of sealant.
sorry should have added......i am expecting to have to run sealant, but ive read about people saying that the crossmax wheels are still just a pain to seal even with "tubeless ready" tires and sealant
I had 05 Crossmax wheels, and honestly I never ran a UST tire on them. All I ran was standard tires.

One thing, I ALWAYS used a sealing strip. At first I used a Stan's strip, and later on I just went to splitting a 20" tube and running them like a ghetto setup.

In my opinion this is what I have found. Standard tires are not designed to get a seal to ANY rim, whether UST or standard clincher rim. They may hold air with sealant but are prone to burp when you hit a bump.

With a strip, I never had a standard tire burp air on my Crossmax rim. The 20" split tube ensures that the standard tire seals to the rim despite not being designed to seal to it. Only air up to 35psi, you are not seating a UST tire to the bead!! Then shake the sealant, trim off the excess and set your pressure somewhere around the 28psi mark.:thumbsup:
Awsome! thats great help thanks! ..... just to use more than 1 20" tube to cover the entire 26" rim obviously? and you just split the the tube and use the full width so that the tire bead pushes against the tube which in turn pushes against the rim?

This definitely sounds like the way to go for me
nevermind!!! just found your great write up in another thread! makes sense!
Air up a 20" tube slightly and stretch it around the rim. Cut it down the middle and flop it over the side of the rim. Cut it all the way around and make sure it is stretched evenly.

Wipe the powder off with a wet rag.

Put on one bead by hand. Put the other almost on. Add a couple scoops sealant. Pop the rest of the bead on by hand.

Air up to 35psi. Check for leaks, and shake the sealant up onto the sidewalls, then turn one spoke hole and shake up each sidewall again. Do this all the way around the tire, and also hold the tire kinda flat and swirl the sealant around good.

Then trim the excess rubber off by pulling gently and cutting with an exacto. Then air up to riding pressure and ride.:thumbsup:
Jfair27 said:
sorry should have added......i am expecting to have to run sealant, but ive read about people saying that the crossmax wheels are still just a pain to seal even with "tubeless ready" tires and sealant
I do it all the time and I have never used a seal strip, sealant yes because the casings leak, but the beads are just fine.
Youve had luck with the beads sealing up fine on a UST crossmax? ....thats encouraging as well
Jfair27 said:
Youve had luck with the beads sealing up fine on a UST crossmax? ....thats encouraging as well
Yes as far as I can tell the rim profile is the same on all the various wheels...

XL SL and SLR for me...

Sometimes they can be a little stubborn to seal, just use a lubricant on the beads and rim...Stans or soap and water.

It can help to have a can help to remove the valve core....

You can always mount it with a tube to seat one side of the bead then remove the tube...never had to do this though.

The toughest ones I hang the rim on a hook, inject the air and use my free hand to massage the bead on...
can't remember the last time i used UST tires with my '04 Crossmax SLR wheelset

currently have NoTubes Crow/Raven's 2.0, before then Race King Supersonic 2.2, before that Racing Ralph EVO 2.1 - nada problemos

i usually mount the tire with an innertube first, then break one bead to change valve/remove tube and add 60g of Huthinson Protect Air + soap the beads then inflate with a floor pump - done

never used rim strips, 1st time i've heard of peeps using them with Mavic UST rims, not had burping issues with Crossmax rims with tube type or tubeless ready tires over 3500 miles now
I'm thinking about tubeless as well; mine has Nevegals on Mavic 117 rims and lads bike Alex DP20 rims though (Kenda Karma front & Crossmark rear).

I run 22 psi front, 26-28 rear (duallie) with a French valve tube and liner now with virtually no puncture issues.

Will it weigh less with your setup of Nevegal tyre, sealant and 20" tube; same weight or more?

Do the valves clog.... a rider told me he can get air in but not out of his valves.

Do they feel better to ride (i.e. do they roll better) than tubes? Some say they feel lighter as they're easier to push over rough ground.
i just set up my new crossmax st's wheels to tubeless today with non-ust tires (maxxis higher roller up front and igniter in rear) and stans sealant. i was told by my lbs that it is near impossible to get the job done with a floor pump so i almost went out and bought a compressor after a few unsuccessful tries, but after reading every post i could find and watching a youtube video, I realized it was just error on my part. I wasnt seating the tire properly before filling up with air.

For me, it was best to install a tube prior, undo one side of the tire while leaving the other side seated, pull the tube out, add stans,then continue to seat the rest of the tire as best as possible. i did notice that I could get away with only seating 3/4 of this side of the tire and it still held enough air to eventually seat the remainder of the tire on its own.

both tires lost a lot of air within the first hour or 2 of doing this..but im guessing its normal since the shop told me it would take a day or so to completely seal the beads using stans. I refilled both tires about an hour ago and there seams to be much less air loss. Im hoping ill be ready to ride tomorrow and see if tubeless is really as good as everyone makes it out to be!

One more thing, a buddy of mine just told me that when he does this process he wipes stans around the bead of each tire prior to inflating...i didnt do this because it states that the rim must be clean and free of any debris including sealant....
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As some have said, some standard tires do seal OK, with no strip, but IMO it is more of a crap shoot.

The ghetto strip is extra insurance to make sure that the bead that was not designed to seal to a rim, does indeed seal. Also, the ghetto strip ends up bonding to the tire bead, so if it gets unsettled and pushed away from the bead when hitting a rock, it really helps keep it from burping.

It is only about 50 grams weight, and it also makes the tires an absolute breeze to seal, which is another benefit. Mine always air right up and hold air instantly with no fuss. That is still a savings of about 150 grams over a UST tire, not to mention how expensive some UST tires are.
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